School Bus Transportation

Safety is essential when it comes to our children. Million of students depend on school bus transportation services every year, with increased load on traffic infrastructure, incidents are bound to happen. Kids will be kids, and it’s predictable that children will sometimes override the bus safety rules.



For better and safer transport, schools provide transport facilities to students studying in their schools. Under this activity, we supply buses to schools to fulfil their requirement.


We Provide COLLEGES ,OFFICES, HOSTEL, COMPANIE’S STAFF BUS SERVICE  in all over Doha – Qatar.Our services are widely accepted in the market for cost-effective rates and high-speed deliverance of products.

Best About Auxwell TC & S School Transportation Service

As the leading private operator for school transport in the Doha-Qatar, the eve of a new school term is our busiest time of the year. With schools opening after a long hiatus, Auxwell TC & S has been  preparing to welcome students back to the bus.

Auxwell TC & S has always complied with a strict approach to preventive and corrective maintenance of our fleet of over 85+ school buses. Even when schools remained closed, our buses  undergo periodic maintenance, regular deep cleaning and sanitisation.


Our bus drivers and bus guardians were educated on safety management, hygienic practices, and the proper method and frequency of hand sanitisation. Briefing sessions on the spread of viral infections was conducted for our service delivery executives, team leaders, foremen and other staff members. Advisory videos in English and Hindi were provided for all of our teams to cultivate a mindset of hygiene control measures and preventive actions in accordance with the standards expected by the government and regulatory bodies.

School Bus Safety Protocols

As we gear up to welcome students back to the school bus for the new academic term, we have introduced transport safety protocols for our staff and students.

  • Training programmes have been conducted for bus drivers and bus guardians on awareness and implementation of the new measures and guidelines.
  • We are monitoring the wellbeing of staff members through our care to share programme and temperature checks at staff accommodation centres.
  • Our school buses can be traced with GPS Tracking system.

During the school term, in addition to our standard protocol, our buses will undergo pre-trip and post-trip sanitisation with a minimum of two vehicle inspections in a day. A detailed bus and school sanitisation plan has been initiated in preparation for start of term. Auxwell TC & S would like to assure you that your school bus journey will always be Safe.